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"What we have learned with our therapist will be the things we carry with us throughout life..."
-- Amy in Chicago
"Ardent helped me to see the big picture and provided simple tools to identify and change old habits..."
-- Jerry in Chicago  
"Helped my wife and I through the journey to partnership. Without our therapist we would have ended up somewhere short of there."
-- Phil in Chicago  
"Provides a safe, non-judgemental zone for my husband and I to explore ourselves..."
-- Vanessa in Chicago  
"Counseling has given me the ability to pursue what is most important to me in both career and family."
-- Angelo in Chicago  
"Thanks to Ardent for being there for us, during a time when we weren't sure there was an us. You helped us realize that we wanted an us, and that we both had to work to have it."
-- Shawn and Kimberly in Chicago  
"Our experience with the Ardent Center has been LIFE CHANGING!"
-- Chris in Illinois  
"Without the help of the Ardent Center and Dr. Scott Terry, I don't know where we would be!"
-- Chris in Illinois  
"I try to keep in mind what you told me about not being a victim and choosing to either use what has happened to be better, or worse... and I chose better now."
-- Susan in Chicago  
"No one ever taught us to 'Fight Fair' before. We discovered that it was how we talked about our differences not our differences that were tearing us apart."
-- Sally in Schaumburg  
"Ardent helped us to understand that it's not about who's right or who's wrong. We don't have to agree to agree, but we have to agree to communicate."
-- T & J, Chicago 
"We were coming from a religious (and somewhat legalistic) counseling experience previously, so this was completely refreshing and different."
-- Lawrence & Maggie in Iowa  
"Scott offers a unique type of counseling session that isn't about bemoaning the past in sessions on end and ongoing into the future. "
-- Steve in Illinois  
"Our therapist shows us how to be proactive with our lives and focus on our future plans to live a good live. No victim thinking tolerated. This is good. "
-- Shelly & Brad in IL  
"My therapist at Ardent is a real person, just like everyone else I have met at Ardent. I have had therapy at other agencies where the therapist could have been a robot with no personality. "
-- Sharon in Chicago  
"My therapist at Ardent helped me see that what I was doing with that anger was the problem. I now have the tools to live a calmer and more authentic life and I'm not afraid of conflict anymore."
-- Joseph in Evanston