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Academic Success In Illinois & Iowa

Why do students need academic counseling in Illinois & Iowa?

Students have a large amount of responsibility and with that responsibility comes pressure. When manageable, this pressure can motivate students to succeed, but too often it leads to unhealthy stress and lower academic achievement.

At the Ardent Center, we work with student of all ages, from grade school, to college students, to those returning to school in preparation for a second career. We also work with students of all abilities, from those with learning disabilities, struggling to take in new material, to gifted students who are bored with their coursework.

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Our therapists provide students of all ages, with support through not only the development of academic skills, but also through emotional encouragement. We will talk about the challenges you are facing and what barriers are keeping you from reaching your full academic potential. We will likely begin with brushing up on basic skills, such as time management and study habits. We will then work on applying these skills and helping you unlock you ability to emotionally apply yourself to your education.

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