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Counseling Supervision for Therapists
In Chicago, Illinois & Iowa

Counseling Supervision for Therapists in Chicago, Illinois & Iowa

Here at the Ardent Counseling Center we offer a unique kind of supervision. We offer both in-person and distance/videoconferencing counseling supervision to suit your individual needs. Your supervision will also include both individual and group supervision, as often as you need it and when you need it. Depending on your need, we can have weekly structured supervision time as well as emergency clinical case reviews as needed.

We have counseling supervision available for new therapists to get their clinical hours in Illinois and Iowa, and many other states (check with your state board of regulations). We also have supervision and case consultations for experienced and fully licensed therapists anywhere in the world.

The Ardent Counseling Center might also be able to hire you depending on where you are located and what you want to create with us. Contact us for more details on how we can create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Dr. Scott Terry's philosophy of supervision is to not only make you the best therapist you can possibly be, regardless of what discipline you are in, but to also support you in doing the "real" therapeutic work. We will help to train you to not just practice techniques, but to truly move beyond whatever you've learned, to become your own unique and powerful therapist.

Become the best therapist you can be under Dr. Terry's supervision - use the special contact form below to sign up for it.

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Dr. Terry has been practicing for over 19 years, and has trained/supervised dozens of successful therapists who have greatly enhance their skills and done profound work in the field post-supervision. He has consulted on cases and/or supervised therapists of all disciplines - from counselors to marriage and family therapists, from social workers to CADC, as well as with psychologists, psychiatrists, and medical professionals of all stripes.

Dr Scott Terry provides counseling supervision

Dr. Terry's personal educational background includes two masters, and a doctorate degree. He has spent most of his post-doctorate work in a variety of overlapping disciplines from counseling and marriage and family therapy to psychology, educational psychology education, special education and interdisciplinary arts - all of which he applies to the field of therapy. Dr. Terry also utilizes his extensive business background to a create a meaningful difference in the corporate and small and medium-size business realms.

Dr. Terry's goal is for you to not be overly theoretical, or overly pragmatic, or to believe in what he believes therapy should be. His goal is for you to be the best therapist that you can possibly be. Dr. Terry believes his role is to simply support your growth, challenge your assumptions, and to help foster your greatest strengths in becoming a therapist so that you can make a larger difference in this world.

Contact us to find out more about how we can provide you with the type of counseling supervision that you need today.

We look forward to working with you.

Arrange for supervision by filling out the special contact form below.

Arrange for supervision.... using the special contact form below.


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