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Anxiety Counseling
In Chicago, Illinois & Iowa

What is anxiety? Where can I get help for anxiety counseling near me in Chicago, IL & IA?

Anxiety comes in many forms, from butterflies in the stomach, to common worries, to debilitating panic. Although anxiety is most often considered to be negative, we understand anxiety as an evolutionary function of survival, warning us of potential threats or danger.

It can, however, hold us back from the things we want to do. When it reaches this level, it’s time to seek help in managing and working with your anxiety so that it doesn’t work stop you from living a fulfilling life.

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When we talk about anxiety, we are really talking about fear. You may be afraid of rejection, loss of control, physical harm, or even fear itself. At times our responses are out of proportion with reality, and are therefore unhealthy. We will identify what you are afraid of and whether you truly need to live in fear. We will then help you create a plan, and support you in moving towards your goals, so you that you can break free from the debilitating effects of anxiety and enjoy your life.

Overcoming problematic anxiety is easier said than done, but it is possible. We will never rid ourselves of anxiety completely, just like we will never rid ourselves of happiness or sadness. The goal is to learn the purpose of anxiety and how to manage it so that it no longer keeps you from living a fulfilling, enjoyable life.

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