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Blue Cross Community Health Plans & Mental Health Coverage

Blue Cross Community Health Plans (BCCHP)

Overview on Blue Cross Community Health Plans (BCCHP)

This is a type of health insurance in the United States for people eligible for Medicaid. Since 2018, it replaces three previous Medicaid programs:

  • Blue Cross Community Family Health Plan (FHP)
  • Blue Cross Community Integrated Care Plan (ICP)
  • Blue Cross Community Managed Long Term Supports and Services (MLTSS).

Mental Health Benefits

This plan provides for Behavioral Health Services. What this means is that meeting with a mental health provider will be treated as any other doctor visit. Your mental health is as important as your physical health, and if you have a mental or behavioral condition that goes untreated, it can adversely affect your physical health.

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Act (MHPAEA) was passed in 2008. The law mandated insurance providers that offer mental health benefits to provide equal or better coverage for mental health and substance-use disorders. In other words, the law required insurance providers to treat mental health conditions the same physical health conditions. The purpose of the law was to make mental health coverage more accessible to the general population. Because Blue Cross insurance plans provide mental health coverage, they consider mental health visits the same as any other doctor visit. The passage of this law was a tremendous step forward for those with mental health conditions, because they were not adequately covered by insurance providers in the past.

If you or a loved one are exhibiting symptoms of a mental health condition, it is strongly advised that you arrange a meeting with a psychiatric specialist or a counselor. Psychiatric conditions are fairly common, and they are treatable. Almost all mental health conditions will worsen if they go untreated, and this can adversely your physical health. It is not uncommon for mental conditions to become worse enough to inhibit individuals from being able to work and lead normal daily lives.

If you have any questions about Blue Cross Community Health Plans (BCCHP) Mental Health Benefits, please contact your insurance provider or BCCHP directly.