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LGBTQ Counseling
In Chicago, Illinois & Iowa

We can help with your LGBTQ issues as we provide LGBTQ counseling in Chicago & IL & IA

Ardent Counseling Center is committed to helping gay, lesbian, transsexual, questioning, and bisexual individuals with their challenges and personal growth. Therapy helps with a variety of life’s challenges, such as creating satisfying, meaningful, and sustaining relationships. We work together on the issues people of all sexualities face, such as depression, anxiety, and addictions, with respect for the challenges unique to sexual minorities.

Are you having trouble getting your family to accept who you are or problems from being a sexual minority? We can help. Call (888) 870-1775

Ardent has specialists who work with clients in the midst of rejecting, modifying or integrating their family, societal and religious beliefs with their personal experience and orientation. Many family members and friends struggle to understand how best to respond when a person “comes out” to them. In individual and family therapy, we’ll work with you to create a new understanding and relationship based on truth.

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We look forward to working with you.

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