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Q: I am interested in scheduling an appointment, do I just call that person directly?

    A: No, you can call our main number at (888) 870-1775 to schedule your appointment with a specific provider. If you need to speak to a specific provider before scheduling an appointment, please inform our staff who will then give the clinician your message and he or she will return your call.

    Ardent strives to make scheduling initial appointments as easy as possible for you.

    When you phone us, your call will be answered by one of our professional office staff, or, if after hours, our confidential voicemail system. If you are directed to voicemail, please tell us how best to reach you (include your name, telephone number, and email address so we can send you intake paperwork), and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Our goal is to connect you to the best therapist to meet your unique needs. To assist us in that process, we’ll ask you:

    • What motivated you to seek counseling?
    • In choosing a therapist, do you have any preferences?
    • Which of our offices would you like to visit for your appointment?
    • When would you prefer to meet with your therapist – during the day, after work, on the weekend?
    • Do you have any special needs around language, culture and/or building accessibility?
    • If you are planning on using your health insurance benefits to pay for your therapy, please have your insurance information available.

    Contact us to schedule your appointment, or learn more about Ardent today.

    We look forward to working with you!

    Make an appointment today by calling us on (888) 870-1775 or by filling out our Contact Form.