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Vocational Counseling
In Chicago, Illinois & Iowa

Career counseling

Why might you need vocational counseling in Chicago, IL or IA?

At Ardent Counseling Center, our goal is to provide you guidance and career strategies while exploring your interests, values and aspirations. We take the opportunity to understand who you are, what is most important to you, any cognitive and/or physical disabilities that you may have and the impact it may have on employment, as well as how your values can help shape your career journey. We will assist in finding appropriate work environments based on skills and interests, working with employers to understand your strengths, and working to eliminate barriers through accommodation and consultation.

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Career counseling will involve the following:

  • Career Interest Inventories/Assessment
  • Recommendations and arrangements for rehabilitative services and assistive technology/accommodations
  • Advocating to modify environmental, social, and/or attitudinal barriers
  • Providing counseling to help with social or personal challenges
  • Career Planning
  • Assisting in job development and placement efforts

An Ardent Vocational counselor will take the time to learn about you and your interests, assess your strengths and your values, and take into account any existing intellectual and/or physical disabilities that may impact your career opportunities.

Rehabilitation counselors are specifically trained to serve individuals with disabilities and are capable of recommending and arranging assistive technology/accommodations that may be needed to create a satisfying career experience.

We will also take the opportunity to explore your family’s beliefs, values, expectations and your own ideas about lifestyle and ideal work environments. We will provide the opportunity for you to be an active participant in the development of your plan, working with your counselor in identifying personal and professional strengths and skills that will be helpful in determining the appropriate career path to pursue.

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