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Surviving the stress of a financial crisis

    financial crisis empty piggy bank

    by Corine Brooks

    Are you happy? Do you want to make a change?

    Day to day, living the life you live and making the decisions you make every day – from waking up, to going to bed – these choices determine the outcome of your life.

    Are you happy with where you are? Where do you want to be?

    Often times, we make survival choices. Working 60+ hours a week just to pay the outrageous bills we have. Sometimes having to chose to leave the lights on instead of putting food on the table. The next month not having access to water, to shower, because instead you wanted food on that empty table.

    What do you want to change?

    We live in a society where sometimes we are forced to make these survival choices. These choices can make us spiral into several crisis situations, small turning points which lead to a life of misery.

    We’re always thinking; What will happen next? How will I get the kids to school with no gas? How will I pay rent this month? What will I tell the utility company?

    This causes stress.

    Stress affects everyone, all the time, with every choice they make and not all stress is bad, however, the above crisis situations and making these survival choices, can cause a series of negative stresses to affect your body, mind and spirit.

    Often times, those in crisis will feel depression, anxiety, sleeplessness or exhaustion. They may physically get ill more often, and they may develop serious health problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other illnesses.

    Is this you? Do you desire something different?

    Call Ardent Center, Counseling For Meaningful Change: 

    (888) 870-1775, between 9am and 5pm.

    Ardent offers a wide range of counseling services with professionals in all areas.

    If you have insurance, most of the cost of your session may be covered by your insurance. If you don’t have insurance, we provide a sliding scale of fees depending on which therapist you see and your financial situation. We provide face to face counseling if you live in Chicagoland and Iowa and counseling anywhere via online counseling.

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